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What is the Revolt Career Network? It’s a movement about self empowerment in the workplace that both employees and employers will benefit from. The methodology written in the book BYOB Revolt, now used on all of our platforms, is a brick by brick strategy to navigate your professional destiny on your terms. Unlike other professional development tools, the Revolt Career Network provides tangible takeaways, goal setting standards with specific metrics for measurement and timelines for proven professional success. The method only works, if you do!

Explore the Method

The Revolt Career Network uses a strategic approach to professional development based on the key components of: self reflection using a custom persona tool, accountability check-ins through specific success metrics and time frames, and embracing individuality through values alignment. The standard documentation centers its measurement of BYOB core statistics, personal bests and vanity metrics. These elements are part of our proprietary method authored by Jennifer Fitta. Our enterprise, higher education and individual programs are IACET Accredited.

How We Got Here

After a decade as a business strategist, Jennifer has worked with clients of all sizes ranging from start-ups to multi million dollar organizations. Specializing in digital marketing and targeting, she has created successful growth strategies using a unique approach. She adjusted the strategic planning that worked so well for her clients to create a tool for career advancement starting with herself. This documentation offers professional self reflection tools, short term goal setting and specific metrics to track and gage for success.


Self awareness and acceptance through research based professional reflection.


Committing to engaging in time accountability check-ins using the method’s specific metrics.


Establishing baseline value propositions and how to adjust for specific variables.


Self advocacy based on the tools and documentation to seek new career opportunities.


Combining your baseline skills and use of the method to learn the landscape for milestone accomplishments.


The fundamentals of The Revolt become part of your professional style and are taught to others.

Be. Your. Own. Boss.

Be Your Own Benificiary


“The primary beneficiary of your blood sweat and tears should always be you.”

Jennifer Fitta, Author of BYOB Revolt

Be Your Own Best

Boss Talk

“It’s a powerful moment when you readjust your focus from the finish line to the present.”

Jennifer Fitta, Author of BYOB Revolt

Be Your Own Baseline

Boss Talk

“Your best is a unique standard that is constantly evolving and exclusive to you. No comparisons.”

Jennifer Fitta Author of BYOB Revolt

Be Your Own Best Advocate

Boss Talk

“Never confuse advocacy with arrogance. It’s essential not extra to speak on your own behalf. Just be sure you have the proper documentation to back it up.”

Jennifer Fitta, Author of BYOB Revolt

Be Your Own Brand

Boss Talk

“This idea that we can’t strategize our own career advancement as if we are a brand is dated and downright false.”

Jennifer Fitta, Author of BYOB Revolt

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