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I’ve decided to make peace with the pandemic. If I’m being completely honest, this isn’t a choice, it’s actually a requirement of personal survival. I have officially surrendered, I am waiving the white flag to an extent. No, I am not giving up, but I’m giving in, I’m surrendering to the fact that

This year I wanted to change up our gift giving guide, because this year is truly a year of mixing things up. This year I relied on a variety of things that indirectly helped keep me slightly sane, all of which came from small businesses. Whether it was Mala beads to guide my

Well folks, it is officially Q4. You know what that means? Tis the season for office Thanksgivings, Christmas parties, and the subsequent hangover that inevitably follows that Company Holiday Bash. Obviously, the 2020 holiday season will look a bit different. For obvious reasons, the Revolt team won’t be "eggnogging" together in person, but we

It’s hard to believe that we are in November. I double checked the calendar, and in fact, it is November. For those who have been following this journey, last year we designated November the Month of the Boss. Yes, this is my birthday month (November 16th), which is why it started, but this

It's hard to fathom that the 2020 Presidential Election is only a week away. In a year of chaos and calamity, I have simply lost track of time. As election day approaches, I thought I’d share what was on my heart in one of my open letters. Since I have already casted my

Not too long ago, I had a conversation when I was told that I shouldn’t have a chip on my shoulder. The context of the conversation was around the fact that in preparation for this meeting, I should know that the other party wasn’t always super comfortable with women in meetings. That was

You get a vote when it comes to your career. You get to have a say when it comes to your career. In fact, you get to sit in the driver’s seat. Let that be a catalyst for all things in your life. It’s the Revolt way to use your voice to create

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