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The loss of Ruth Bader Ginsburg hit me hard this weekend. She is the OG of value driven work. Her selflessness and care for the collective defies genders, party lines, age, race, and time. I read “My Own Words” in 2016 and it was as if she had spoken to my soul. What

This week we launched an episode on Bitch I Quit where I admit that reality tv is my form of escapism. I personally use escapism as part of my motivational routine. You read that right, I think escapism gives us the mental capacity to motivate ourselves on our Revolt path. I don’t think

This week marks the first in-classroom use for the Higher Ed Program of BYOB Revolt. 32 Colleges and Universities have adopted our online classroom for students in the Fall 2020 semester all with a minimum two year contact, some up to five! That’s right, we’re in this for the long haul. Schools who

Part of the vicious cycle built by those who have us trapped in professional boxes is our need for complete control. As professionals, we place this immense amount of pressure on ourselves to achieve perfection in the sense that aligns with the path created for us, whether that be by following specific job

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