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We aren’t playing their game anymore. I refuse to fear my own confidence for the chance that I will be mislabeled. Because despite what you’ve heard, there isn’t a fine line between confidence and arrogance. They are not aligned, we’ve just been taught they are. Your career advancement strategy requires confidence, it’s a

The single most effective thing I’ve done in my career is the discontinuation of external competition. Everyone knows I’m actively against cancel culture, but when it comes to competition, I can make one exception. You heard it here first - competition has been canceled.  When I talk to people about the method and ask

External mentorship is insanely valuable in the employment process - I would not be half the person I am today without a strong set of mentors. My problem is that mentorship in the traditional sense leads to the idea that we must duplicate the exact process of our mentors in order to achieve

As professionals we are conditioned to mold our careers to fit the status quo; it’s part of the workplace DNA. Part of that DNA is constructed on the concept that we should fear failure. In a recent podcast episode of Bitch I Quit, I focused solely on why I think the buzzword “limited

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