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Whenever I discuss career advancement, which let’s be honest is a common conversation occurrence in my life, I reference the Revolt Persona Method. I built BYOB Revolt on the foundation of self awareness, self acceptance and self accountability, which means your career growth and ultimately your advancement is contingent on knowing who you

We have quite a few new faces and I figured between rants and Revolt Method dissections, I’d take a quick motivational minute for Revolters!  I’m glad you’re here. However you found BYOB Revolt, whether you’ve read the book, taken part in a program, listened to ‘Bitch, I Quit’ or none of the above: I’m

Creating a new category or position within your company is a boss move, but there are unique circumstances that surround creating a new space at an already existing company. There are also external challenges that come with this sort of path. I’ve found myself in this position by choice and in other times

All the tools we’ve twisted and turned on ourselves come from the fundamentals of business strategy, that’s no secret. Our persona formula acts as a mirror of self reflection to work through awareness and acceptance to leverage our professional brand. We use our Standard Documentation - all three elements: Core Statistics, Personal Bests

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