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BYOB Revolt: The Book

The methodology written in BYOB Revolt, now used on all of our platforms, is a brick by brick strategy to navigate your professional destiny on your terms.

Unlike other professional development tools, BYOB Revolt provides tangible takeaways, goal setting standards with specific metrics for measurement and timelines for proven professional success. Empowering Professionals with:
• Professional Profile Analysis through our Persona Method
• Progress Tracking: Core Statistics, Personal Bests and Vanity Metrics
• Exploring Your Baseline Skills for Growth
• Self Advocacy Strategies and Motivational Tips
• And so much more!

Why I Wrote the Book

Everyone always asks what prompted this book and my new found mindset. The truth is I was trapped in a box. I felt like even though on paper I was successful, I never quite fit the mold of what I should act like and feel like.

So as a business strategist, I used what I knew: strategy. If this worked for multimillion dollar companies, why couldn’t I make minor adjustments and strategize myself as a brand for career advancement on my own terms? So I threw caution to the wind and did just that: became a brand. I began to document everything. This documentation allowed me to set short term goals, track and score my skill set, but also forced me to learn and accept who I was at the current moment, not who I wanted to be.

BYOB Revolt
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