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BYOB Revolt is a company built on experiencing career advancement in a new way. Our methodology is centered around values and how to scale your career through self reflection, self awareness and self accountability. How we approach employment must follow the lead of our methodology. It’s important that we attract the best talent in the most inclusive way for all applicants by outwardly expressing our mindset. As a natural consequence of doing these things, we believe we’ll also build a more diverse team.

these efforts include:

  • Keeping our interview panels diverse.
  • Ensuring that “not a culture fit” is not code for “isn’t like us” in the hiring process.
  • Continuing outreach to pockets of untapped talent that startups tend to ignore.
  • Measuring diversity on a periodic basis to be accountable and ensuring our Board of Directors remains diverse.
  • Focusing on our company culture and being very clear through words and actions about what is acceptable and not acceptable behavior.
  • Actively engage in community groups to network with those whose values align with that of our company.

It is an easy out for smaller companies and startups in particular to turn a blind eye to these, using excuses of size and resource comparisons to large businesses, to lack diversity. But we believe that every phase of a company’s growth story impacts the building blocks for when it scales to a large organization. On our path to become a large organization, we will outwards show support and inclusivity to women, people of color, LGBTQ+ community and minority groups in our hiring process.

Product / Method Commitment:

BYOB Revolt is an accountability method written on experience and strategic expertise. As a company, we acknowledge that not every experience is equal. With that, we are committed to actively working with individuals of diverse backgrounds to explore areas of the career advancement method that may be met with different challenges. Our hope is not to change the method, but create a place through activism and leadership where we can address these challenges and how to erase them without erasing the history to avoid repetition of such inequalities.

Specific activism to date:

Educational Equality 

Women’s Equality and Empowerment

Black Lives Matter

Current open positions:

Freelance Bloggers (Specifically interested in Career Advancement, Workplace Environment, Professional Development and Accountability)

Please email all cover letters, resumes and portfolio samples to with the position listed as the subject line.


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