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BYOB Revolt Certification

BYOB Revolt Certification

The certification course is an immersive experience that dives the deepest into the methodology of BYOB Revolt. Each chapter has its own session in the course which unlocks exclusive insights, engaging videos, timed activities, quizzes and an exam.

Currently, the BYOB Revolt Certification is built for enterprise use in college classrooms for workforce preparedness, organizations as a professional development benefit, and many other group use case scenarios. Each enterprise solution is custom for its audience and purpose of use. If you’re interested in learning more about how the certification can positive impact your organization or to join the waitlist for individual use, please contact us today! We’d be happy to learn more about your needs and schedule a demo of the technology, course curriculum and alignment that works best for you.
Each chapter of the BYOB Revolt has tangible tactics and tasks that evolved over time to establish a boss path. The certification takes a deeper dive into each lesson with an immersive experience for each revolter.

Become Boss Certified

The methodology of BYOB Revolt is looked at in a classroom style setting. Each session uses a variety of chapters and aspects of the program to hold you accountable for your professional self.

Whether you are scoring your Core Statistics, writing your first persona, or documenting your next 30, 60, 90s, the course will guide you through the process, help hold you accountable and assist in documenting it clearly and concisely. What can you expect? Everything and anything - there are a variety of real talk videos, engaging activities, creative content, motivational moments and quizzes to keep you on your toes.
Program is White labeled and custom for each school or company.
Professor/Administrator Log In to assign licenses
Progress Tracking is available down to the user level and reported to both the user and professor with a customizable dashboard for metrics and activity.
10 30 Minute Videos (2 per session); 20 Pages per session of non-book literature, 1 Quiz Per Sessions, 1 Exam Per Session (3 Versions per session).

BYOB Revolt
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