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A platform for Revolters to share their ideas, knowledge and perspectives

A platform for Revolters to share their ideas, knowledge and perspectives​

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What's the Tea, V?

With Vanna Keomisy

BYOB Revolt Marketing Director Vanna spills some hot tea on breaking out of her professional shell and gives her hot take on things HR won't ever tell you. Follow her on her journey to reversing everything she was taught. This vlog series goes in-depth into Vanna's experience and own career growth.

Office Politics

with Jazmine Reed-Clark

Office Politics is a series that aims to empower other professionals to skip the small talk and get into the real talk about career, social change, and leaving this world a little bit more authentic. Jazmine shares her insights on how to live out a life of authenticity at and after work as a Black Woman in Corporate America.

Vanna Keomisy

BOSSWATCH Presents: Chef Mia Li

Hi! Let’s start with some quick stats – who are you, what do you do and where?My name is Mia Li, I am a chef in Austin, Texas. My career start was a bit tricky, I went the conventional route and majored in international business, then switched majors my junior year of college to culinary. After that decision, I started culinary school at Johnson & Wales University in Denver, Colorado. I loved to cook and loved to eat. I have always wanted a restaurant, so I enrolled in culinary school to […]

Vanna Keomisy

#BOSSWATCH Presents: Mr. Reed Allen Robertson!

I was fortunate to meet Reed through a mutual friend. I was on set for a photo shoot with well known Dallas Creative Director, Larry Oliver and in walked Reed. He’s a vibe, an energy, whatever buzzword you want to put on “bad ass” these days: he was and is it. His approach to style is unique, but meticulous and I couldn’t help but immediately want to follow his journey. PS: I don’t know how I ever lived without his award season recaps and designer breakdowns for the common folk like me o […]

Vanna Keomisy

#BOSSWATCH Presents: Lauren Friedrich!

When we decided to launch the series #bosswatch for the Revolt Community, Lauren was at the top of my list. As a fellow bulldog, I’ve been witness to her boss path since our days at Bryant University. The easiest way to describe her is a walking motivational speech. She would be my first round draft pick if ever asked to pick my dream team and the perfect woman to kick off this series! Take a moment to read her Q&A – I can promise you will be inspired to BYOB. Xo JenniferInterviewed b […]

BYOB Revolt
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