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Self-awareness and acceptance through research-based professional reflection.

This first stage focuses on self awareness, acceptance through the method’s research style beginning with the persona exercise and completion of standard documentation for the first 90 day cycle.


Engaging in time accountability check-ins using the method’s specific metrics.

This is a crucial piece, this is the stage where methodology becomes part of your routine. Embracing the 30, 60, 90 day check-ins, analyzing the metrics for adjustments and empowering yourself through the ability to prioritize your skill set for growth based on passion.


Establishing baseline value propositions and how to adjust for specific variables.

This stage allows a Revolter to establish their unique position through establishing baseline metrics and value propositions. At this point, their approach to growth and communication is established through their bold allowing them to assess the variables that contribute to growth or regression in their lives.


Self advocacy based on the tools and documentation to seek new career opportunities.

The stage focuses on self advocacy and the outreach portion of the method. You are REV’d up from self reflection and awareness, engaged and empowered and have a strong command of your value.


Combining your baseline skills and use of the method to learn the landscape for milestone accomplishments.

Once you have reached this stage, you are what is considered prepared. This allows you to leverage your Revolt skills for major accomplishments. At this point, you can leverage yourself against the norms because you will have proper strength to do so. Additionally, this allows you a learning phase of the landscape of your professional potential for the future.


The fundamentals of The Revolt become part of your professional style and are taught to others.

This is the stage when the method comes full circle. Through direct and indirect actions, the fundamentals of The Revolt are taught to others and a transfer of power happens. Note that in this transfer of power, power is not taken away from anyone, only multiplied.

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