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Hey Revolters! I’m Trisha and I’m the Content Marketing Strategist here at BYOB Revolt! 

I thought perhaps a great way for us to get better acquainted is for me to fill you in on how my first few days as a revolter went! 

WARNING: You’re about to jump two feet into my stream of consciousnesses. Buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy (and hopefully at the very least entertaining) ride. If you read my last piece called Cut Yourself a Fucking Break, then you know what I’m talking about. 

Here we go… 

My initial thought when I started reading the book was HOLY SHIT THIS BOOK IS FUNNY!

I felt like I was being spoken to by a hilarious and insightful friend. It read super down to earth, real, and empowering. 

Admittedly, I thought Jennifer was going to say “this is what you should want and this is how you should get it” but I was completely wrong. This definitely isn’t an “it’s okay honey just take a breath, draw a bath and start fresh Monday” kind of book and I respect that heavily! This book has applicable exercises and solutions to help you figure out whatever the hell you need to figure out. Jennifer shares her methodology to how she first figured out what she wanted in the first place and second, how she navigated a world with WAY too many rules in order to get what she wanted WHEN she wanted it. 

The thought I had most repetitively as I read this book was “Why the hell didn’t I have this in my early 20s when I was about to graduate?” 

I felt so lost and unsure when I was about to graduate with my undergrad degree. I went to a massive public university and the mandatory meetings with my counselors felt so transactional and generic. This advice was tailored to my goals and helped me figure out what those goals even were at the time. I remember I felt vulnerable and scared and overwhelmed and unsure of the next step all the time. I googled EVERYTHING and received the same generic advice that my counselor spouted. 

I needed a solution and someone to tell me that there wasn’t ONE way to achieve my goals. I needed someone to teach me how to outline what the hell my goals even were, not sell myself short, and then execute them in a way that catered to my proficiencies and skill set. I needed this freaking book!

We hear stories often about extremely successful people who took unconventional paths to success and then are told that if you just keep trucking and doing the same shit everyone else is doing that you can be just as successful. That actually makes no damn sense. We have been told that the path to success looks the same for everyone and if you just put your head down, your time will come. What they don’t tell you is that, by putting your head down, your time will really only come when SOMEONE ELSE decides it’s your time. BITCH NO. My time is here when I say it’s here.

As she shared anecdotes of obstacles and revelations she’s had over the course of her career, I found myself jumping back to specific instances in my own career where I questioned why certain parameters and rules even existed and was met with a “because I said so” type of answer from leadership. I now know that those people aren’t leaders. Those people who robotically enforce antiquated ideals of someone else’s path to success aren’t leaders at all; they are simply managers. Managers make sure you are getting your work done as they see fit. Leaders help you evolve into the next best version of yourself. They garner effort, tap into potential you didn’t know you had and push you into being the kind of person the little baby you would be so damn proud of. 

Managers are everywhere. Leaders are hard to find.

For all of you who don’t have a leader or mentor to guide you, THANK GOD YOU HAVE THIS BOOK. 

The only time I was a bit hesitant was when I was doing my Baseline Analysis.

That ended up being because I was doing it wrong.  I think the first time I was stuck in my little box and only able to come up with my top “skills” and that’s not what the baseline analysis is about. There is a quick program straight from Jennifer’s brain that further breaks down and explains the Baseline Analysis chapter and it offered me so much clarity! I honestly couldn’t believe how my view of that chapter changed. I went from thinking it was a “nice to have” analysis to now being a full on believer that it’s one of the most important chapters of the book. It gave me the actual words I needed to understand myself as a professional and be able to articulate that to others. 

If you haven’t figured this out by now I’ll just go ahead and spell it out for you – This book is “one size fits all” because it shows immense dichotomy, not because everyone is the same. 

If you isolate certain statements and put them side by side they would be seemingly contradictory. I love that. Jennifer isn’t telling you that there is one way to handle a situation and here is how you do it. “You can be confident and compassionate. You can be bold and beloved, you can be a competitor and a captain. And you can bet your ass you can be successful without being selfish.” This book factors in that every person is different and the way we all carry ourselves is different. I know it sounds crazy but Jennifer says it’s okay to do you in your own way and you can still be successful. 

Revolutionary, right?

If you haven’t checked out the book yet, enjoy Chapter One for FREE now! If you’ve already read the book, check out our Job Search Program here! 

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