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It’s 2020 and we’re all struggling with productivity. To be honest, I think we’ve struggled with the true realization that productivity is an issue, far before 2020, but now it’s acceptable to talk about given the circumstances. On today’s episode of Bitch, I Quit, I ranted about my frustration with the perception of productivity and it makes sense to come full circle and put this in writing! 

My issue with productivity is that it is mistakenly worn like a badge of honor. We’re talking about mistaking “what work looks like” to productivity for praise. You can sit at your computer for 8 hours a day and accomplish NOTHING. My other big issue is that completing a checklist for work like a robot does not make you productive.  You’re not productive, you’re a robot. So on one hand we’re looking at productivity for this competitive performative action and on the other hand we’re looking at productivity as complacency. Neither way of looking at productivity truly provides positivity in work performance or our well being.

Before we tackle my three area to analyze when trying to truly be productive, I need to get this off my chest:

  • Productivity does not mean working 24/7 and while we’re at it, “working” doesn’t mean chained to your desk for eight plus hours a day. 
  • Here’s your not so gentle reminder: Productivity does not look the same on everyone!
  • And finally, this one might sting, but all performance productivity is NOT worthy of praise. 

So what can we do about it? Well in true Revolt fashion, we are going to mix up the mindset with three areas for increased productivity.

  1. Find Your Peak Hours – Peak hours are the time of day traditional grinding that yield your highest performance. Typically peak hours are a block of 2-3 hours that you can straight grind and produce some of your best work that is associated with your typical job or role. I get it, traditionally we get paid for 8 hours per day, but you have to know when you do your best work. Schedule that shit out. Prepare yourself for your greatest. Another gentle reminder, that this is 2-3 hours MAX. Now that doesn’t mean you only work for 2-3 hours, it means you keep that time sacred. 
  2. Unconventional Clarity Moments – I think we need to incorporate our power place that can support our moments of refresh. Keeping your mind open to new ideas, new skills, new vision. Again, we’re in the madness of 2020, if only for your mental health it helps to remove yourself from the environment of your peak hours grind to provide yourself with unconventional clarity. These moments don’t mean you aren’t working, they don’t need to be labeled as a break, they are productivity stimulators. Unconventional Clarity Moments can come from a walk (during work hours), a change of scenery, etc. In this week’s episode we discuss the science behind walking in respective to mental stimulation with CEO of 99Walks, Joyce Shulman and it’s fascinating! Aren’t buying it? Check out this study at Stanford for the co-sign!
  3. Accountability (for tasks on hand and individual growth) – It’s a marriage of these two concepts. You absolutely have to get your work done, that’s a no fucking brainer, if you want a pay check. But you’ve got to maintain a level of productivity that supports your tasks on hand and your career advancement. If you’re checking off your task list, but not checking off your personal bests, your 30, 60, 90 check-ins for shit that matters to you: you’re being productive in the eyes of the box people and that will not lead to the career fulfillment you deserve. 

You want to be productive? 

Burn your badges of honor and prioritize your personal checklist alongside your task list. If you feel like your productivity is robotic – you’re allowed to reboot. Identify your peak hours, find your power place and restart your accountability for growth metrics. Your productivity is only as great as how accountable you are to it and to yourself. So find your time, find your place and find your power. You will not find the answer to how to be productive in a box. 

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