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Bitch, I Quit

The phrase Bitch, I Quit! is host and author Jennifer Fitta's way of telling everyone she's fed up with the status quo.

Bitch, I Quit! breaks down professional development challenges we all face, debunks myths that may be holding you back and empowers listener through resolutions and round table discussions with real life bosses. The podcast is based off of the method written in the book, BYOB Revolt. Don’t get hung up on what you’ve heard in the past. You are in the driver’s seat when it comes to career advancement. So...what exactly did Jennifer quit?
She quit living in a box.
She quit wearing professional costumes.
She quit following the tired rules of the professional world. And she quit apologizing for it!

What to Expect

Each episode, Jennifer tackles a hot professional development topic with her well known rant style, proceeded by a resolution and ends with a round table featuring bosses across all industries and roles.

The Revolt doesn't end with the book. There are topics that are ongoing and evolving just like we are at professionals. Whether you've read the book, or this is your first experience with Jennifer's mindset - everyone is welcome. While the podcast refers the book, reading it is not a requirement for listeners! This no-bullshit approach to professional development is now available everywhere you get your podcasts!

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