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You have to teach people the way to treat you, especially in the work place.

I want to clarify a few things. If you buy the book and read it once, make a few lists and a couple of charts, you’re not a boss. Not even close. All of those things are pivotal in tracking your professional progress. I may be biased, but I’d go out on a limb and say the method of calculation and accountability can be used in any industry. The metrics are easily translated for any advocacy situation you may find yourself in. But the other half of The Revolt is the mindset. The shift in focus and the ability to endure the external factors without internalizing it in a self sabotaging way is no easy tasks.

The first step is establishing your bold move. In Chapter 6: Be Your Own Bold we discuss the metrics behind when you have to show off your bold move and why. But please know that when you wave your bold flag around, there will not be instant acceptance. This shit takes time. You can certainly control yourself, but much to my dismay, you cannot control others actions. When you display your bold move and it’s not immediately accepted it’s o-fucking-k! You have insufficient bold funds. You need to earn some “bold cred” and you can only earn more by repetition.

I had an interesting conversation the other day about how we have to teach other people how to treat us, the same goes with your boss journey. Your bold move establishes boundaries and while you need to use it wisely, you need to showcase it more than once before it’s traditionally accepted. In the book I mention you need to stay tall. It wasn’t a typo. When you start teaching people what you’re about it’s easy to stand tall in the high of the moment. It’s even easier to sit back down when others reject your boldness. You need to STAY tall.  It’s also not a set it and forget it strategy – by any means. You’re going to have to teach those around you initially, you’re going to have to teach them again, as you grow and as your skill set grows. You’re also going to adjust and adapt to your surrounding as they change as well. Moral of the story is: your bold move is the baseline how people treat you and it’s something that you will never get to stop addressing and assessing.

I look at how to establish your “bold move boundaries” by evaluating your core values at work. Not your actual work, but the top three things that you value when working on something of significance. Your top three will need to be tested around scenarios and how you can react accordingly. (Side note: these values are also addressed in your persona and will likely change over time. This allllll ties together!)

Let’s use me as the example, per usual.
My values:
Time, Expertise, and Solution.

My time is valuable – thus don’t waste it. Also, the time I put into my work is valuable. If I’m presenting a project or something as small as discussing a professional matter with you, I expect that you take that time seriously. My bold reaction is two fold – I am known for a dirty look followed by silence. I am not a quiet person, so the dirty look silence combination is lethal in my world. 

  • Show up late to a meeting – you’ve wasted my time: Dirty Look & Silence
  • Forget a key portion of our conversation – you’ve wasted my time: Dirty Look & Silence
  • Not paying attention when I’m presenting something of value – I’ve put in my time, you need to put in yours: Dirty Look & Silence.

Once you’ve established your values, take your list of personal bests and core statistics, as well as your tasks and projects and line them up with “absolutely do not fucking go there” in respect to your bold move.

​This journey is going to make you stick out a bit, I’ll never lie to you about that. So when you begin to showcase your bold, these metrics help me justify to myself that I’m not just some crazy bitch, that there is a method to my madness. As much as I’m keeping everyone else in check, I’m most importantly keeping myself in check first.


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