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BYOB Revolt: Be Your Own Boss

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The methodology written in BYOB Revolt, now used on all of our platforms, is a brick by brick strategy to navigate your professional destiny on your terms. Unlike other professional development tools, BYOB Revolt provides tangible takeaways, goal setting standards with specific metrics for measurement and timelines for proven professional success.


Empowering Professionals with:

  • Professional Profile Analysis through our Persona Method
  • Progress Tracking: Core Statistics, Personal Bests and Vanity Metrics
  • Exploring Your Baseline Skills for Growth
  • Self Advocacy Strategies and Motivational Tips
  • And so much more!
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​Being your own boss is about finding who you are, your skill set and how to grow without comparison. This is a revolt against everything you’ve been told professionally. It’s throwing caution to the wind, breaking molds and giving the middle finger to anyone who tries to put you in a box. I am not perfect. My white hat has more dirt than most, but, if your white hat’s not dirty, you’re just not doing it right. It took me four companies, three cities, a handful of epic failures and countless bottles of wine, but I’m here and I’m ready to share!It’s taken a while, but the more I’ve come to terms with my professional passions, the prouder I’ve become. Because contrary to popular belief: you can be confident and compassionate. You can be bold and beloved. You can be a competitor and captain. And you can bet your ass that you can be successful without being selfish. The time is now. I can promise you, it’s powerful moment when you readjust your focus from the finish line to the present. If you’re ready, let’s f*cking do this!


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BYOB Revolt
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