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Well folks, it is officially Q4. You know what that means? Tis the season for office Thanksgivings, Christmas parties, and the subsequent hangover that inevitably follows that Company Holiday Bash.

Obviously, the 2020 holiday season will look a bit different. For obvious reasons, the Revolt team won’t be “eggnogging” together in person, but we still value the closeness and quality time that the holidays promote. We have chosen to embrace the parts of these traditions that actually matter – for us that means Zoom happy hours where we laugh, share, and spend quality (virtual) time together. That also means the inevitable holiday hangover is not necessarily one of those things we’re leaving in the past. 

But like most things in the business world, we have come up with a potential solution to this common Q4 problem that comes in the form of our official team signature cocktail – REVOLT RANCH WATER.

Now for those of you who haven’t heard of ranch water yet, we’ve got you covered. It started out as a Texas thing but it’s definitely gaining traction everywhere. And rightfully so because, that fact of the matter is: shit is good! 

Now, let’s mix up a batch of what we’re pretty sure will be your winter’s best liquid blanket.





Good Quality tequila (seriously this drink is like 3-4 ingredients so we don’t recommend bottom shelfin’ it if you don’t have to)

Hint Sparkling Water (any flavor, but we like the ginger the most because it gives us a Moscow mule vibe)

Use the code: 36BYOB to get 36 bottles of hint water for $36!


Fill your cocktail shaker with ice. Add the juice of half a lime and 2 ounces of tequila. Shake it up for about 15-20 seconds. Strain, and pour over ice. Top with roughly 4 ounces of Hint sparkling water.

If you’re not on board the spiked seltzer train, we got you covered. All you have to do is swap out the">Stay hydrated with tasty water delivered straight to your door! Enjoy our new customer special - 3 cases of fruit-infused hint water. Only $1 per bottle + FREE Shipping! Enter promo code 36BYOB.Hint Sparkling Water with their flat, fruit-infused version.

Cheers Yall, from our team to yours!

We urge you to drink responsibly. By no means can we guarantee that you won’t get a hangover, but this sure does give you a fighting chance. Also since “tone-deaf” isn’t what we do around here. We understand that this time isn’t the best for everyone. People are suffering, hurting, confused, sad and the holidays perpetuate some of the loneliness and social discrepancies that have been magnified by this global pandemic we are all faced with. We want to balance out this jovial and celebratory moment by offering you all an opportunity to give back and help those who need it the most. Stay tuned… next week Myca, our Director or Strategic Partnerships will be sharing her Revolt Guide to Giving Back. 

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