Recharge, Reset, RevolT


Your breath of fresh air in career advancement. Recharge and reset your career with our 5-Day Challenge.

Recharge, Reset, RevolT


Your breath of fresh air in career advancement. Recharge and reset your career with our 5-Day Challenge.



Establish Your Personal Brand With Our Custom Persona Method

career advancement

Create A Detailed Analysis of Your Current Professional Position

Long term Success

Use Custom Formulas For Standard Documentation and Growth Metrics

consistent growth

Set Goal Setting Strategy for 30, 60, 90 Day Check-Ins


Establish Your Professional Voice Early On With A Self-Advocacy Starter kit


Get Insights Into Accountability Practices That Help You Stay On Track

I created this challenge for you.

The hardest part in any journey of self discovery is figuring out where to start.

The professional development world is flooded with theories and concepts that lack structure and simplified approaches.

The truth is: self empowerment to achieve career satisfaction is difficult enough, the tools you use shouldn’t add to the difficulty.

This is why I created the 5 day program.

It breaks down the fundamentals, formulas and reasoning behind how and why you can yourself accountable to continued growth.

You deserve success on your own terms and I am living proof that the tools can change the game for you.

Let me guide you through a fool-proof method of measuring success. I’ll lay out the method, so you can focus on the work!

How It Works

The challenge is a 5 Day Session that includes a series of instructional, and motivational videos.

You'll also receive a copy of the book, exclusive insights and documentation for each day and in-community activities to solidify and support your commitment to the method.

Below is a breakdown of the program agenda.

Persona writing focuses on self awareness and using targeting parameters as you would a brand to identify your true professional self, your values and your potential. Our custom persona method allows you to analyze yourself in a way that leverages both your positive and negative attributes for success. Yes, both positive and negative. From the persona experience, there are measurable goals you can set! 

BYOB Revolt is based on readjusting your vision to the current moment vs. the future. Short term goal setting is how we do that. We break down how to analyze your skill set to identify which elements of your current role can be leveraged alongside your persona for career advancement. Our formula allows you to quickly calculate and prioritize your skills for short term goals with large scale results.

Our documentation is the foundation of BYOB Revolt with a 3 pronged approach: Core Statistics, Vanity Metrics and Personal Bests. We illustrate how each impacts your short term goal setting and how they are prioritized for you as a professional and how your prioritization paves the way for your success. Together, we will learn to both calculate each portion of your documentation as well as set growth metrics for future check-in.

The entire premise of BYOB Revolt is to become aware of who you are as a professional in the current state, accept that and be accountable for it. Once you’ve grasped those principles, you have to analyze your communication method of your values and positions as well as set boundaries for how you do so. The bold analysis is about substance not volume. It’s a formula to set professional boundaries and expectations for your communication style. t

The purpose of this entire program to hold yourself accountable to establish growth patterns worth sharing. We round out day 5 by learning how to score yourself and use that in a format to advocate for yourself. You’ll know what metrics matter and how to communicate those with effective methods for promotions and advancement.

Recharge & Reset 5 Day Career Challenge


When you sign up, a copy of the book will be shipped to you within 1-5 business days so that you can get started on your challenge ASAP!

The 5-Day Career Challenge Includes:

  • Paperback copy of BYOB Revolt
  • A series of instructional, and motivational videos
  • Exclusive insights and documentation for each day
  • In-community activities to solidify and support your commitment to the method

What You’ll Learn: 

  • Persona Writing
  • Short Term Goal Setting
  • Core Documentation
  • Bold Analysis & Boundary Setting
  • Scoring Yourself and Advocacy
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