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This week we launched an episode on Bitch I Quit where I admit that reality tv is my form of escapism. I personally use escapism as part of my motivational routine. You read that right, I think escapism gives us the mental capacity to motivate ourselves on our Revolt path. I don’t think it’s the only thing we should be doing to maintain motivation – let’s be clear on that. But I do think it’s an area that is severely overlooked. Career advancement can be all consuming and accountability and expectations can get the best of us. Time and again, escaping the reality of its demands actually supports your cause. 

I want to clarify that I don’t consider escapism and balance the same thing. I find escapism to be small increments of time where we can reset by engaging in an activity that is unrelated to any expectation. Balance is a whole different wheelhouse and certainly not my speciality. When I think about balance and self care, I set the expectation of wellness or fitness or even relaxation. I also relate balance to longer periods of time and for me, commitment. Escapism for me is a short period of time to transport yourself to another place and time, even reality with zero expectation. These escapes from reality are part of my “be your own burn” mentality.  

My escapism preference is reality tv, specifically anything Real Housewives related. I’d love to give you a sophisticated response as to why, but quite frankly that would defeat the entire purpose of escapism. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, as I’ve mentioned many of housewives in my “imaginary friends theory” from “Chapter 5: Be Your Own Burn” and gush over the king, Andy Cohen every chance I get. But my escapism doesn’t have to be your escapism! There’s no expectation or judgement here – however you escape, I’m here for it. (Within reason, of course). 

I find myself relating areas of my life and my career to some of the most insane moments on the Real Housewives. Like when you showcase your bold move for the first time, you feel like Teresa flipping a table. Or when you lose your shit at work for the first time, in front of a room full of people (it’s happened, trust me) it can feel like Aviva throwing her leg. Or when you feel trapped in a position or a company that feels like the twilight zone – there’s an entire Scary Island episode you can relate to! That’s just scratching the surface, I digress… In a recent team meeting after discussing this in a lighthearted way, Trisha said “LET’S WRITE ABOUT IT.” Thinking back on it now, I wish she could have done it in a Lisa Rinna “Own it!” style expression, but you get the point. So here we are – tying my escapism back to the tough reality of career advancement for the column “The Real Housewives of the Revolt.” 

Like all the best housewives in Bravo history, I’m unmarried, not a housewife and don’t remotely resemble what the original concept of the show was intended for. Or maybe that’s just Bethenny Frankel, who knows, a girl can dream? We’re going to take common occurrences in your career advancement journey and relate them directly to some of Bravo’s best moments. So if you want to beat the feeling of isolation on this crazy journey we call the Revolt, I’m here to divulge in the reality of career advancement. I bet we have more career commonality than you think and if anyone can bring us together – it’s the Housewives of Whatever City we’re feeling each article! Let’s dramatize and escape together to talk about some of the most relatable situations we can face in our careers. Meet me here on Thursday October 8th for the first edition.

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