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So you’ve been interviewing and having no luck. There are thousands of factors that contribute to whether or not you secure any of the positions you’re vying for. Many of those reasons are completely out of your control. Many of you are doing everything to the best of your ability and we just want you to know that YOU CAN DO IT so keep your head up and keep persisting.

Now for the rest of you… you’re probably fucking up somewhere and we feel the need to help you out with some fine tuning. 

Let me offer you a bit of context: BYOB Revolt has been growing quickly! This growth has meant that Jennifer (President + Author) and Vanna (Director of Marketing) have conducted a ton of interviews. Throughout the course of their careers, conversations with other professionals and the current hiring practices at BYOB Revolt, we’ve noticed that there are some MAJOR taboos that need to be addressed. So let’s jump right in…

Here are some of the most common mistakes we see being made in the interview process as well as how to fix them!


The fact that I even have to mention these things is baffling to me, but I can sympathize with minute details and commonalities getting lost in the stress and shuffle of interviewing. 

The Revolt Recommendation: Do adequate research, be in a quiet space, dress professionally, have your resume in front of you, practice your pitch and your stories.


Please don’t lie on your resume. We understand that it isn’t the craziest thing to *embellish* your resume, but we have found that people put all of this random bullshit on their resume and then when they are asked to speak to these “accomplishments” they have no idea what to say or how any of this even happened. 

The BYOB Revolt Recommendation: Think about what a typical day to day looked like at your current or previous job and outline the important tasks you performed. Think about all of the projects you’ve been a part of and convey the impact you had on the project. Any results and growth you contributed to in any way should also be on your resume. Whatever you do, STOP MAKING SHIT UP!


Ok so I realize this one is similar to the last one but it’s not the same thing. You could totally have accurate information on your resume but when you are asked to share your part and the impact you made. 

The BYOB Revolt Recommendation: Research yourself and be able to speak to YOUR contribution. You are not interviewing on behalf of your previous team. You are there to represent yourself. Make sure you understand the Situation, the Tasks you were faced with, the Actions you performed, and what Resulted. (STAR) Be able to speak about quantifiable results if you can. Numbers reign supreme. 


Often times, an interviewee will portray extreme versatility. It is a huge asset to be good at many things, but it’s imperative that you are able to also exhibit that you are an expert at the functions the company is looking for. 

The Revolt Recommendation: Well first, you should probably read the job description. Understand the specific needs of the company and use this knowledge to highlight how you can make the greatest impact in THOSE areas.  


I am honestly beyond shook at how many people simply do not follow up. Every interaction you have with a potential decision maker or hiring authority should be followed up with a communication from you.

The Revolt Recommendation: This is less of a recommendation and more of a ‘YOU BETTER DO THIS RIGHT NOW.” Always follow up. Always send a thank you email shortly after the interview with a notable point from your interaction, a point of gratitude and a question or mention of a future encounter to show intention. We actually have a very detailed “Follow Up Formula” in Finding the RIGHT Job, our new step-by-step program to finding and getting the RIGHT job which drops at the end of the month!

This is certainly not ALL of the problems we have encountered but this is a strong start! If you ensure that you are following all of our recommendations, we know you will be in a stronger position to get the job you want and deserve!

Our new program, Finding the RIGHT Job, will be launching VERY soon and will show you how to figure out what the hell you want next in your career, evaluate the companies that could give you what you want, and guide you through the process of interviewing! We answer tough questions like “What do I do if my portfolio isn’t up to par?”  “How do I make an industry change with minimal industry experience?” “What questions do I ask in my interview that will set me apart?” and tons more! 

Join the Community for the latest updates on all of our new programs and stay tuned for the launch of Finding the RIGHT Job soon!

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